Send us money instantly using Paypal and pay with your credit card as this is the quickest and safest way to transfer money to us with just your email address open your account 

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Fees for Our Services:

Our minimum fee is US$ 15.00 plus local expenses in Bolivars for taxis etc if necessary

Property inspections are US$ 15.00 plus any local expenses in Bolivars if necessary

Bill payments US$ 1.00 per payment plus any local expenses in Bolivares if necessary

Money delivery to third parties 5% of US$ amounts received in Paypal or bank accounts

Currency conversion depends on local trader fees


As things become more dificult in Venezuela we may be forced to phase out services like bill paying and money delivery that require currency exchange so we are recommending foreigners opening online Bolivar accounts in Spanish with TuPagoOnline where you can open an account with just your passport email DOB and a couple of phones from where you can make online transfers to ANY bank account in Venezuela for FREE but receiver pays 2% so if you need to pay an exact amount like a condo fee or some bills you must apply this simple formula to include fee in your payment AMOUNT/0.98=exact amount to receive. This site is SO FAR not blocked by the government.


One that we use more locally is iPago but you cannot transfer money to ANY bank account like TuPagoOnline but only to your own registered local bank account or to other users via their ID/passport number accounts