Account Comparison

Moneygram is direct from sender to receiver with no additional hidden fees or local currency conversion steps and expenses. Easiest way to send money to friends and family, pay utility bills and condominium fees. Money goes straight into a local bank account in Bolivars.

send money to douglas weller

Western Union is similar to Moneygram but involves registration with local agents Zoom in order to receive funds directly into a local bank account without moving from home.

Airtm is FREE and instant between users but additional steps and exchange fees apply to convert to local currency using their excellent peer-to-peer network. This is our BEST choice for its financial freedom and flexibility if we wish to save $$$ and protect somewhat against inflation and devaluation. Our account is @dweller.

Paypal is FREE and instant to send but a RECEIVE fee of $0.30+5.4% applies for Venezuela. Additional fees and exchange rates apply to convert to local currency via their excellent peer-to-peer network. This is best known and accepted world wide for online payments. calculate fees send money

Zelle is only for US bank account holders with SSN number to be able to send receive and withdraw money for FREE between users. We can receive payments through Nicole Weller subject to her approval. Money is kept in the USA until needed then has to go through all exchange steps and additional fees. ask for instructions

Banistmo Panama We have a USD account with Banistmo in case you may be able to send us ACH payments from any other banks in Panama. ask for instructions